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2022 World Cup: England Vs USA | VIP Screening Area

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Upgrade your England experience at Oxford City FC! 

All of the England games Oxford City screen will be on a first come, first served basis. However, if you'd like to book a seat in our VIP area with your group - we have the perfect deal for you. 

We have two VIP screening areas which will seat any combination of up to 20 people.

For £10 per head you get... 

- Unrestricted view of the game, with your own 55' TV Screen 

- Private side-bar access, so there's no need to queue to get your drinks 

- Complimentary portion of chips at half-time per person

- £3.50 for your drinks for the entire ninety* minutes of every England game we screen, regardless of when the first goal is. 

Find our more about watching the World Cup at Oxford City FC HERE

Come on England!